Benefits of Expat Banking Services at Citi UK IPB



Getting ready to live, work and thrive in a new country is an exciting time of opportunity and challenges. We’re here for you from day one for all your expat banking needs.


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Savour each
new experience

Moving to the UK doesn’t just open up a brand new culture. It’s a time of opportunity - a time to flourish, discover and grow, both professionally and personally.

Our expat banking services help you keep your wealth connected wherever you are with seamless multi-currency options including a multi-currency debit card and more. Your expat bank account unlocks the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by investing through Jersey with the support of your dedicated Relationship Manager.

An expat bank account that helps you savour each new experience - Citigold Expat - Citibank UK IPB
Expat banking that helps you on your journey moving abroad-Citigold Expat - Citibank UK IPB
Jersey offers security for wealth held outside the UK with - Citigold Expat - Citi UK IBP

Seamless transition with Expat Banking

Multi-Currency Banking

Keep connected to your home country with our multi-currency banking.

Offshore Wealth Management

Once you’re settled, you’ll be starting to think about what’s next. Your Relationship Manager is a specialist in both onshore and offshore investing, helping you to take advantage of opportunities to potentially grow and protect your wealth.

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Investments are subject to risks, including possible loss of the principal.

An expat bank account that is, tailored to your needs

Global Wealth Management

Global WealthManagement

  • We work with you to understand your goals and build a tailored investment portfolio.
  • A global range of multi-currency investment solutions.
  • A holistic approach to managing your wealth with one Relationship Manager, looking after your onshore and offshore portfolios.
Global Banking & Privileges

Global Banking & Privileges

  • Multi-currency solutions to keep your finances connected wherever you are.
  • Receive global recognition of your Citigold status for benefits around the world.
  • Enjoy discounts and privileges from our lifestyle partners to make life in the UK rewarding and inspiring.
Specialist Advice & Insights

Specialist Advice & Insights

  • Your dedicated Relationship Manager leads a team of specialists to provide you with guidance on managing your global wealth.
  • Regular in-depth global market research from Citi Analysts helps you to stay up-to-date with latest news.
Security & Peace of Mind

Security &Peace of Mind

  • With our chosen partners, You will have access to receive vital support and guidance on tax, properties, education and more.
  • Jersey offers a secure, stable and well-regulated location for wealth held outside the UK.

Getting started with Citigold Expat

Moving to the UK

Moving to the UK

Citigold Expat can help you settle in, with access to expert professional services, multi-currency banking and wealth management options ideal for expats.

Already in the UK

Already in the UK

Citigold Expat can help you broaden your horizons. Discover exclusive privileges and discounts from our lifestyle partners, as well as new investment opportunities through your dedicated Relationship Manager.

Moving from the UK

Moving from the UK

Citigold Expat can help you enjoy the freedom to travel. When you hold an offshore investment portfolio in Jersey, you can benefit from our multi-currency banking solutions, as well as taking your Citigold status with you.


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